KTI Series:  (Strip Gluing Machine)

This is a semi-automatic notebook strip glueing machine which uses are mainly for 5# and 6# notebook binding.  However the machine has built in capability to be used for A4, A5, A6, A7 products as well as loose leaf and leaflets.

Ability and Characteristics:
1.   The stepless control systems enables the machine to reach high speed running of product which gives
       the user increased production and quality.
2.    The machine is programmed to work automatically once set up and will achieve stable high quality along
       with efficiency and consistancy.  The whole process incorporates glueing, evening glue, scraping glue, drying
       and the cutting of the tape for the notebooks.
3.    The operator is easily able to move the glueing wheel away from the notebook once the machine has been stopped.
       This prevents damaging the Book Back so the product will remain in it's proper shape.
4.    The glueing wheel is controlled by an individual motor which "beats" up the glue and prevents it from solidifying in
        the glue storage tank when the machine has been ut on temporary stop.  This process ensures easy restart and also
        consistant glue quality.
5.    The machine is veery operator friendly with easy operation controls and also offers a proven track record of reliabilty.

 Technical Data

Max. Conveyor Length of Products


Max. Conveyor Width of Products


Conveyor Speed of Products


Power Supply


Floor Reqd.

11000 X 1000mm

Machine Dimension (L X W X H)

11000 X 1000 X 1100mm

Net Weight